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Kada Anan Martial Arts is a public park/garage/backyard based martial arts club. We're here to give people who love to train a place to do just that. Beginners will find an informative environment in which to grow and develop; experienced practitioners will find a place to learn something new and offer their knowledge. If you like to train and share, then our door is open to you. We're here for the love of the arts, the challenge of personal growth and the life-long friends that are made along the way.


Michael and Cisco teaching

Although there is influence from several styles, practice centers around a Filipino Martial Art called Kada Anan DeCuerdas Eskrima and a form of karate called Koshiki ToKen Jutsu. The phrases "Kada Anan" and "Koshiki" both mean "old style". Neither art makes the claim of having been unchanged and remaining pure from days past. "Old style" refers more to the mentality behind our practice; one of fighting instead of just art or competition.


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Kada Anan Martial Arts is involved with other groups and individuals who hold a passion for sharing and excellence in training. We strive to expand our skillset by experiencing similar styles as well as completely different arts. Plus we use the opportunity to meet and train with other practitioners while learning from many top local, national and international instructors. If you are hosting or have information regarding an upcoming event, please let us know and we'll be happy to post it.


Michael and Cisco

A few videos showing some of the material we practice and the mindset that governs our training. These videos were recorded during regular class sessions.